Bravest kid on earth

Saw this just now on Youtube. This kid is brave, this kid is speaking up – this kid dares to be human and Show it! He is also forcing people to see what the consequences of their actions are.

Update: Yesterday when I watched this it had about 150 000 views. This morning – over 800 000 views!

You might not think you’re a bully – but that one mean word you said to someone, could be the hundred time that person had to take someone elses crap that day. You don’t know. I’ve been mean and people have been mean to me – it is unnecessary and it’s tearing people down. And tearing on other people will also tear on you – left will be a weaker, less selfrespecting person who hurts others in order to try and feel better themselves.

Always think TWICE before you go ahead using harsh words toward someone.


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