Best place

A couple of days ago (yes, I’m in London but I’ve scheduled a couple posts ;)) I was hanging out at ‘Grampa’s’ with Ella and we were just chilling and drinking mocca coffee and hot coco šŸ™‚

What coffee should look like šŸ˜‰

I really love you as my own sister. Promise you never forget ā¤

After a while she had to leave, she was going to the movies. But I stayed put in my cozy couch and started knitting away. My shorts are coming along and I’m enjoying it very much! Especially when you’re in that kind of environment – it’s so relaxing.

Not such a bad place to spend an evening knitting.. šŸ™‚

A sneak-peak


One thought on “Best place

  1. Ella says:

    I love you too, and if you never forget I won’t! (:
    Haha, that picture of me is cute in one way, but mostly I look very… well, not nice. Look at my hand?! Haha, all squished! (How du you spell squished..?) Hope you have the most looovely-est time in London, Kiss! ā¤

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