Blanket sky

It’s as if someone put a blanket over the sky today. It’s completely grey. And dull. And I love it. IdontknowwhyIjustdo.

Also have I mentioned that Bianca from Kastor and Pollux is probably (most definitely) one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen? No? Well, now I did. 🙂 And her fabulous colleague Dani is also super-beau! Check’em out!

I’m just feeling really lazy and slow today, though I have to drag my ass outta this house sometime soon. Got bizznezz to do in da town 😉 Really don’t feel like moving though. Ugh. I’ve just been sifting through tumblrs and other inspirational blogs and sites.. It makes me wanna move out from home and just DECORATE MY OWN PLACE 🙂

I’m wearing a floral skirt, mustard-yellow sweater and tights and a brown, braided belt.


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