DIY Bows

When I’m knitting I like to have something to change it up with a bit, so since I’m knitting the Barbro-shorts I felt like I wanted to do something else too. Something small. And since I’m in my DIY mode I thought I’d try and do a little bow for my shorts – or to put on whatever I feel like – and so I did! Here’s the result:

I was really pleased with this one so… I decided to try and make another one!

This one however is still a work-in-progress 🙂 And it will be smaller and also attached to a ribbon to tie around your neck! Stay tuned 😉

Posted in: DIY

5 thoughts on “DIY Bows

  1. Katja says:

    Sv: Tack så mycket! Klart man får vara nyfiken! 😀
    Jag var lite på jakt efter någon spännande blogg så jag gick in på och kollade bland hennes kommentarer och där var du! Tänkte att folk som gillar samma bloggar som mig kanske själva har en blogg som tilltalar mig 🙂

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