Today I tried out a new hairdo, or well.. it ain’t excactly new 🙂 But new to me! I gave the old-school pin-up hairdo a try and here’s the result:

I am still very much a rookie when it comes to this but it was fun and I’ll get better after som practice. And maybe some hairspray… 😉 If you’d like to try it out Youtube offers a ton of tutorials, for example this one -CLICK-

Hmm.. what else have I done this week? I’ve been working at a school in my town, helping out in a 5th grade class and it’s been really fun! And today when I had my day off I was called by a friend to stand-in as a receptionist, which actually was kinda cool to try out. I felt all businesswoman-y where I sat taking calls and making notes 😛

Now I’m off to sip on some fresh, dry applecider and continue reading my book, tata!

// L


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