Flutter in the night

Good evening readers 🙂 Today I’ve spent most of the day drawing on my new picture but I thought I might as well post again here if anyone fancies to read… well, more like looking since I’ll mostly post photos 😛

View from one of the bridges in town last night. Even though my town is small I really love it.

A snapshot of a road in the middle of the night

I thought I’d also share a poem (or something) with you that I wrote the other night


In the midst of tulle and ruffles,
my scars shine even brighter it seems
In the midst of this perfection,
no one seems aware my silent screams

Like vines intertwined
my thoughts are strangling me
And like the fluttering leaf
I’m only lost, not free

Amongst these skeletons
the feeling of being alive is evanescent
Amongst these birdlike creatures
I won’t be satisfied until I’m translucent

I’m a prima ballerina
so brilliantly dedicated and agile
I’m a prima ballerina
So why do I feel so fragile?

Goodnight! If I don’t post anything more.. 😉 


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