Teenage Bedroom

A while ago I submitted a photo of my room to the tumblr-blog Teenage  Bedroom and today my submission was displayed! Feels really cool that other people might see it and get inspiration from it in the same way I find inspiration from their rooms 😀

If you click HERE you can see my submission and if you click on the name of the blog above it takes you to the site. You should really check out this blog since it’s a firework filled with wonderful inspiration and awesomeness!!!

Take care and enjoy this rainy day (if you’re in a rainy place like I am, if not then, well.. enjoy your day any way it is ha ha)

Todays inspo picture


2 thoughts on “Teenage Bedroom

  1. Matilda says:

    Hello! So, I guess this might sound really weird, but I actually saw you submission while scrolling trough Teen Bedrooms at tumblr. Your bedroom is gorgeus and I’d probably kill for it, but what I actually am asking for is if you could hep me get ideas for mine. I lived in my bedroom in about three years now, and I hate it. My parents think it’s wonderful but they don’t have to live in it so they don’t understand. It’s all plastic and fake, and not my style at all. Could you give me some tips to personalize it? Maybe I’ll send some pictures?
    Anyway, If you’re doing it or not, thanks for taking your time and reading this awfully long comment. BTW, I’m also for Sweden, so actually it’s weird I didn’t wrote in our own language. Anywaaaay. Thanks.
    Your blog is wonderful, found it today and I’m going to continue reading. So different from other swedish girls, especially the ones in my school (yes, I’m fifteen. Shocker), because their blog posts are shit. Your photos are really beautiful, too. Well, thanks, again.

    • Got my book says:

      Hi Matilda! I don’t mind that you wrote it in english and I don’t find your request weird – only cool! I’m so happy that you enjoy my blog and that you’re inspired by my room. I’d love to help out with tips and ideas if I can and you’re welcome to send me pictures of your room as well. I can send you a mail so that you’ll have my adress if you don’t already but I’m assuming you don’t. And btw I love long comments – they’re the most fun to read! 🙂

      Have a great day and talk to you later! (I’ll probably mail you in swedish though 😉
      // Linnéa

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