Playing house

So lately I’ve been dreaming and fantasizing a lot about when I get my own place. What I want it to look like, how I will decorate it and so on. Found this really cool site called where you can design a room or an entire house (several stores even if you please) and decorate it as you want, choosing from a rather large range of furniture and other necessities including floors and wallcolour etc.

So I reallyreally like this site. It takes a while to decorate your place though – at least for me – and there are a few minor bugs in the 3D view. But as long as you view it in 2D everythings seems fine to me!

Anywho, I sat for a while fiddling with my “apartment” but didn’t include kitchen or anything, just bedroom and livingroom. It’s not entirely as I want it and it is probably bigger than my first place will be but here’s the result, enjoy 🙂

I will try and describe what everything is. So…

  • In the left bottom-corner you see a a brown square – this is a tiny “stagearea” for cozy, improvised evenings filled with music!
  • To the right of this area you find my little “library-spot” where a big armchair with a foot puff, a little sidetable, a bar and a large bookcase is placed. Oh, and a really cool rug!
  • And to the far right, behind a wall you find my bedroom. Bookcase, shelves, dressingtable, chair, big bed with a little “sittingarea” beneath it, lots of pillows, nighttables.
  • Above this you can see a huge rug. This is my dressingspace/walk-in-closer kinda place. Also a rockingchair where I envision myself sitting late nights knitting cool sweaters 🙂
  • To the left on the other side of the wall is my livingroom, couch, armchair, coffetable, tv, rug and to the left of that is a low shelf for books and other things you can come up with to put there.
  • Also behind the door is a treadmill. ‘Cause you know I like to stay fit… or something 😉

Hope this might inspire you to dream of your own future homes or maybe how you want to fix up the space you’ve already got. Not saying it should look like this, just go with what you like. Will probably post some inspo photos of nice bedrooms and cozy living areas in general in the near future!


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