Staying up late again y’all! 😉 Couldn’t help myself tonight, I’m sitting watching Oprah’s farewell season. I don’t know about you but me, I love Oprah 🙂 There are so many opinions about her out there in the world, some thinks she’s a cliché, some thinks she’s “full of herself” and others adore her, while some just like her.

I like her. I don’t know her, but I like the person that you get to know on screen. She’s been on that show for 3 more years than I’ve lived. And I don’t think you fake it for 25 years, you might not show it all but I don’t think you’d manage to “put on a show” for that long. But ofcourse what do I know? Anyways what I mean is that I think she has really put her heart in her show and in trying to be the best version of herself she could be, also that she has taught many people many things and she has changed things. Sure she ain’t Miss Perfect. But who is?

There will always be people who hate on people that has gained fame and success and power, but spending your time hating something or someone you’re really just wasting your own time. Why not spend it on the things you love instead? 🙂
And I love Oprah, she’s smart, beautiful, knows her own worth but still seems to have humility and compassion for other people. Atleast that’s how I see her.

Haha this seems to have become a Pro Oprah-post. Which is fine by me 😉 Anywhooo I’m gonna continue watching the show now!

Check out that frill – gimme some o’dem currrlz!


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