This song saved my life

So I can’t sleep tonight, like usual. But however I’ve been surfing around for some new music and while I was I stumbled across a band I used to looooooooooove and go totally crazy for: Simple Plan! Now, I do still love them but it’s just not the same as when you’re fifteen.. All your feelings get so big and overtaking at that age 🙂

Anyways’ve been listening through all the old songs that felt like lifesavers more than one time back then and all of a sudden I found this new song they’ve got called This song saved my life and I figure after listening to it and reading the lyrics that it might be a tribute to all their fans and listeners. ‘Cause the lyrics feels like pieces of letters ripped out and pieced together into a song. Like they’ve collected what fans have said about their music and what they do and made a song out of it. And it’s wonderful 🙂 It’s a real reminder of just how important music can be, especially in a fragile age. And girrrrrl, could I write a list of all the songs that from time to time saved me in a way?

So never let go of the music that brings you up from under, that lets you dream and be proud of who you are! Sometimes I miss that era when music, friends and rebelling meant everything… but it’s still nice to grow up 😉


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