Late night fiddling

It’s getting kinda late but I can’t seem to find any sleep (the past couple of weeks has been this way..) and as usual when I can’t sleep I try to find something to do with my time. Tonight is dedicated to decorating my new calendar.

Actually it isn’t even a real calendar but just a plain, cardboard-coloured notebook – which I am turning into my very own personalized calendar! It’s really fun and so far I’ve managed to write the dates for a few months ahead.

Right now I’m doing the cover but it’s a bit tricky since I’m using this really cute fabric as my cover and it’s a bit more difficult to glue than paper. Atleast if you want it to look good 😛

Found the fabric the other day when me and my mom went to the mall, bought three different ones, all in a sorta oldfashioned and romantic style 😉

Here’s the one I’m using for the cover:

My webcam suuuucks but the fabric is babyblue with pretty pink roses on it 😀

I’m actually waiting for the glue to set right now which is why I’m here blogging ^^ and I’m also sipping tea from my awesome cup that my awesome friends gave me as a little graduationpresent this summer. 

It says “The worlds best friend” on the mug in swedish. Tabita & Florian – if you guys are reading this: Thank you and I love you! ❤ 


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