London & Hanson here we come!

Good afternoon fellow onliners! Guess what? Well, today I have some exciting news! Atleast for me 😉 Me and my mom had a blast yesterday at the mall and when we got home I was talking about the Hanson-concert in London that I’m planning to go to, only I had no one to go with and then she just came up with the awesome idea that she could go with me! So we bought a ticket for her too last night.

She’s never been to London before and I’ve been there twice already – so I will be able to show her around for a bit and take her to some of my favourite places 🙂 Unfortunately we’ll probably not be able to stay for very long but I’m reallyreally hoping that we’ll be able to scrape together enough money for two-three days.

Then I will show her Camden and Covent Garden… and maybe British museum.. so many things I wanna show her. I would like to take her to a ballet or a musical.. but that is probably overdreaming. But next time!

But anywhoo – I’m going to HANSON!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! 

Now I have to continue doing what I was supposed to do. Writing my “personal letter” for future job searching. Well, not that future actually. Have to look for some jobs today already, really need a job.

Tata for now!

There was a lot of thunder last night, even woke me up a few times. But I always loved the sound of stormy weather, so I didn’t mind : )


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