Relaxed in the bath

I love finding inspiration online and tonight isn’t any different I guess 🙂 Though I actually found some that makes me considering changing platform (but I kinda don’t want to since I just got started here.. have to think about it). Because I found this adorable website called where you can download backgrounds and headers for your blog FOR FREE! The only problem is.. it won’t work with – if you have a blog that’s another thing, I don’t think it should be a problem then but with this sorta blog it doesn’t work.

It bugs me. ‘Cause I really like WP for a lot of reasons but when it comes to making changes to your blogs appearence you are in some ways somewhat limited. I miss in that way, ’cause there you could change the blogs appearance by using html coding and was really easy once you got the hang of it. WordPress offers a lot of great designs already but if you want to change it up entirely I don’t see any way to do that. Well, well.. small and insignificant problems when it comes down to it I guess.

Anywhoo I just love this idea (beaneath), wouldn’t it be just complete awesomeness to have one of these? I don’t know about you but I’m one of those who always have to bring a book or diary and something tasty to drink with me everytime I’m taking a bath. And this is just such a simple but braintastic idea! Whether you bring your big fat novel or a glossy magazine and whether you choose to drink a nice cup of tea or if you go for a fine glass of wine – this is the perfect solution!

I am totally making my younger brother to make me one of these! Don’t worry he’s not that much younger (no child-labour here ;)), he’s 20 and finished school last year where he studied cabinet-making. So he should be fit for the task 😉

Found at


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