Tomorrow me and my momma are gonna take the car and drive to a mall called Väla Centrum in Helsingborg and it’s gonna be really fun 🙂 It’s only gonna be me and her, so we’ll get to spend some time on our own. I’ve been going through some old pictures and found a few that I liked, so I figured I might post them here since I haven’t ever shown them here!

Sooo.. what am I going to do today? Well actually I have quite a few things I need to do since I’ve been a lazy cow this whole week. I need to make some important calls and I need to sit down and make a schedule for myself. Ans a lot more.. (sigh) Right now I am just so unorganized and I’m getting nothing done. Makes me feel lame and useless. I need some structure in my life to function properly.

I’m in desperate need of a calendar. Like ASAP.

Me and my prettypretty mom are going shopping tomorrow! (old picture – my hair is halfway down my back these days)

Do I miss my old room when I see this? Yes, I do. (used to have two (!) rooms, one for sleeping and clothes and one for reading and drawing and coziness)


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