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A short while ago I read The forgotten garden by Kate Morton and I’m just in awe. She writes just so that you feel like you’re in a fairytale. It is magical and wonderful and all the things which you loved when you were still playing kings and queens in pretend-countries where the only limits were the ones of your imagination. Reading this I felt like going back in time a bit. And in your mind you can I guess.

But if you’re busy living at the moment then maybe save this for when you have some time to spare – or to heck with it and spare the time anyways! 😉

I am now reading another book my Mrs. Morton which is called The distant hours, I haven’t yet gotten very far into the book but I can already feel the excitement and curiosity in me poking and urging me to pick it up all the time so that I can finish it. Or no, that is the wrong word for it. You see, you never want to finish a book that’s really good and still you want to find out what’s going to happen. So what you want is to know everything but then still continue enjoying the story. Which you can’t. If you don’t re-read it.

But this is why we have other books. So we can pick up a new one when we finished the one at hands. Isn’t it great? All the good and breathtaking and mindspiralling books that are out there. Just waiting for you to read them. Ahh. What could possibly beat a good book and a cup of tea while curled up in the coziest place you can find? I sure couldn’t tell you.

It is getting late (or early depending on how you look at it) so I am going to go to bed now. Or well.. I’m already in bed but I’m going to try and go to sleep as well.

So goodnight and sleep tight everyone! And don’t forget to pick up one of Kate Mortons delicious readings next time you’re at the library or a bookshop.

Love this cover. Makes me want to read the book again. And to visit England.

Another lovely cover of the book I’m reading right now. 


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