Tea burning on my tongue and books burning in my mind

Summer is coming to an end. And even though most of you cringe away at the thought I have to say that I disagree – I am LONGING for when the leaves turn into fire and when your breath creates smoke in the cold air. I love the fall and everything that comes with it.

You know, the hot teacups, the good books, your favourite show on TV (that you can watch as much as you want, ’cause it isn’t summer anymore, when you’re supposed to be all “active” and stuff..), campfires by the lake and the last dip before the water goes too cold. And the long walks and the clothes and the cinnamon buns that my momma makes and drinking whisky with your friends when you stay up all night talking and the little kids starting school, carrying around their backpacks trying to look like they’ve been doing nothing else and the music the music the music that you listen to curled up in your armchair. You know, just everything.

My autumn-list on Spotify.

This could be my desk. Though mine is even cozier.

Back to December maybe is a little more “wintery” song but who cares? It is beautiful.


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